Grace Christian Church Kaufman

Grace Christian Celebrates 150 years

In 1861 Mr. and Mrs. R.A Hindman and family moved to Kaufman and settled. They were members of the Christian Church and staunch in their faith. Finding there were a number of people living in and around Kaufman having the same faith, Mr. Hindman succeeded arousing interest in the idea of meeting together on the first day of the week to break bread in remembrance of Christ.

The little band of believers had no Church building for several years and met from home to home to keep the Lord’s Day, to study the Bible, and sometimes to hear an itinerant preacher.

On July 14, 1877 a building was purchased and remodeled for the meeting of the congregation.  On December 8, 1956 a two story colonial residence at 504 South Houston Street was purchased.  It was remodeled for educational class rooms and a meeting place for civic organizations. It was burned by fire one week before Easter 1961.  It was felt a great loss the congregation who worked hard to make it a beautiful and useful place, but they lost no time in thinking and planning toward a building. They found barracks in Love Field and with the help of an architect a building plan was drawn for the church.  The barracks were purchased and moved to 504 South Houston street at the site where the building was burned.  The work started on July of 1961 and was completed early part of October.  A dedication service was held on October 8, 1961 at 3:00 PM 

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