Grace Christian Church Kaufman

Where are the other Nine?

Scripture: Luke 17:11-19

Jesus healed ten lepers but only one went back to say thank you.  Why the nine others did not go back and say thank you? Thanksgiving is an attitude of gratitude. The attitude factor make a difference in our living.  

The first attitude is that we can mind our own business and live as we wanted.  This attitude is that we care less about anything or anybody else.  This is a self-centered attitude. This is a negative attitude and produces negative result. At  best it is one minding his own life and at wore it sees the 
worse in others and live with a critical spirit.  It is also living with a chip on the shoulder.

The second attitude is a neutral.  Of course the nine others were thankful but they did not have time to go back to say thank you. Do we take time to say thank you? The idea of  Sabbath is to stop from the routines and give thanks to God.  Does our routines keep us so occupied that we do not have time to pray, we do not have time to write a note, we do not have time to worship.

The third attitude is living with an attitude of gratitude.  The one leper went back to Jesus and said thank you. Do we thank God for the air we breathe?  Well, everyone is breathing  and what is special about it.  It is special for you because you are a child of God and recognize the source is 
God.  Do we say thank you to God with our resources?