Grace Christian Church Kaufman

Thanksgiving is an Antidote to Anxiety

Philippians 4: 1-9

I. Remembering God’s blessings and giving thanks to God for those who blessed us have therapeutic healing power.   

While William Stidger was in the Asylum he practiced writing thank you notes to people who blessed his life.  His first letter was to his third grade teacher. She wrote back .  “Dear Willy: (that how she called him when he was in her class) when I read your letter, I was blinded by tears for I remember you as a little fellow in my class.  You have warmed my old heart.”  She continued… " I taught school for fifty years.  Yours is the first letter of thanks I ever received from a student, and I shall cherish it until I die.” This gave him encouragement and he wrote letters to other people who made a positive difference for him. Every day he received letters of thanksgiving from others.  Soon he found himself no longer depressed but full of thanksgiving and enthusiasm.

II. Thanksgiving can change the course of our lives from fear to courage and lead us to new possibilities.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale as a young preacher faced a hard time and his wife Ruth Stafford Peale challenged him to trust God and practice thanksgiving as tithe.  He became the father of Power of Positive Thinking.

III. Jesus is our example.

 In the midst of impossibilities he took 5 loaves and 2 fish and lifted it up to God and gave thanks.  It multiplied beyond their imagination.